Why, Explained by the Founder

I created On.Da.Mat in 2020 during a global pandemic, a continued painful social climate, and times that truly tested my peace. I found myself in conversations with the Black community, wondering, am I doing enough? On.Da.Mat is important because it gave me a role when the world had me believing I was powerless. I am also able to empower others on their journeys to heal the mind, body, and spirit. I call myself a Joy Generator because I create my own freedom and find peace through alignment. I hope others, especially Black folx, understand and resonate with my vision so they may create joy for themselves. Whether on your journey or just stepping into it, I applaud you. I love you. And I will see you on the mat.

- Dara


Why Choose On.Da.Mat


Each yoga, meditation, and fitness session are a collaboration between instructor and student(s); structured to best meet clients' mental, emotional, and physical needs in the present moment. Dara is always developing and growing as a teacher and continues to gather new philosophies, tools, and skills to share with the healing community. Classes transform and so will you. The only constant will be leaving you in a state of joy.

Sustainable Joy

Joy is an emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. To sustain it, we must conserve it, uphold it, and defend it. Each class at On.Da.Mat is taught with the intention of supporting you to define, discover, and emobody joy. And as you continue your journey with On.Da.Mat, you will master the ability to generate joy and sustain it.

Comprehensive Healing

The Healing Curriculum is comprehensive in two ways. First, it combines yoga, meditation, and fitness classes. Second, all of the classes focus on the whole person, including the physical (body), mental (mind), and emotional (heart). At On.Da.Mat, Dara believes that all breathing and movement work must always attend to the spirit inside of the body. Breathe to heal your spirit. Move to heal your body. And when you combine both, joy is generated.