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When Can I Heal

The CIrriculum Schedule offers 1 hour yoga classes, 30 minute group meditations, and 30 minute fitness training every week. All classes are virtual. All levels are welcome.

*class schedule is subject to change*


Gentle Morning


A tender morning class that allows you to move minimally. Roll around on your mat a bit, flow a bit. Be kind and easy to the body.

Monday @ 8am EST

Friday @ 8am EST



Turn down the lights and light a candle, your about to do some restorative yoga. I hope this is the last thing you do before bed.

Tuesday @ 9pm EST

Thursday @ 9pm EST



This class looks however you (and the other students) want it to look. Something for everybody. It's all about the communal vibes.

Wednesday @ 5:30pm EST

Breathe to Bloom Meditation

A routine, guided manifestation meditation. Pick a new desire to pour energy into every week. Includes a tiny amount of optional, gentle movement.

Friday @ 8pm EST

Private Healing

Email Me To Schedule

Any private fitness training or yoga, including asanas, meditation, and pranayama. Book an individual session or buy a package.