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Yoga at The Green House

The Green House of Winston Salem, NC is a black owned shop that offers handmade and house made products. They host an Open Air Market every Saturday, all year long.
On.Da.Mat will be teaching Polar Power yoga on November 20 and December 4 at 9am, 10:30am, and 12pm. Space is limited! Bring your mat, some tea, and a blanket!
www.the greenhouse products.com



The Curriculum includes yoga (asana), meditation (dhyana), and fitness training.  All sessions currently offered are private. We will meet on our mats via Zoom. 

 All levels are welcome and encourage. 


Personal Training

Book your one-on-one sweat session here!
Classes are 1 hour and include warm-up and cool down. 

Private Dhyana

Schedule your one-on-one pranayama or meditation session here!
Depending on your preference, we will practice breathing, grounding, and meditation during this 30 minute class. 

Private Yoga

Book your one-on-one yoga asan class here!
Bring your mat for 1 hour of movement catered to your energetic needs. 

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